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Children's Chapter Books
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Faith 1

What is faith? Faith is belief in or having confidence in something we might not see, hear, or touch. Believing is like relying on or trusting in. In the lessons on obedience, I talked to you about trusting your parents. In Obedience 2, Tyler the Tiger learned to trust his parents. Trusting in your parents is pretty easy when you can see, hear, and touch them. Trusting or having faith in something you cannot see, hear, or touch is difficult.

I have a chair I am sitting in while I type this lesson to you. It is big and black with soft padding, a high back, and wheels. Every day I go to that chair and I sit right down. I don’t worry if it will not hold me. I never go to the chair and say, “Large Black Chair will you hold me up today? Are you strong enough? Can I trust you to do what you have been designed to do?” That would be silly! I just go and sit down on it. When I go to someone’s house, church, school, or a restaurant, I sit on the chair that is available to me. I don’t even think about it. I just sit down.

God wants us to trust Him like that. He doesn’t want us to say, “Large, big, powerful, creator God, will you hold me up today? Are you strong enough? Can I trust you to do what you have said you will do?" That would be like when I talked to the chair. It’s silly! God, the Lord Jesus, is all powerful! He created, or made, the stars and the world with everything in it out of nothing! He holds it all together in His mighty hand!

Let me ask you a question. Can you see the wind? You probably shook your head no. You can see its strength when you see trees moving in it. But you still cannot see it. Wind is important to us because it moves our weather around. We get rain and snow because wind blows clouds together. Wind helps clouds pull water from the oceans. Clouds need water from the oceans to make rain and snow. Wind that is moving fast makes a howling noise, but each piece of wind doesn’t make a noise. So, we really cannot hear, or see wind.  

Do you know what gravity is? Gravity is the pull the earth has on objects. When I jump in the air, I come right back down. Try it. Get up and jump. Are you still up in the air? No, I don’t think so. That would be amazing if you were. You landed on the floor. You cannot see gravity, hear it, or touch it. But it is still there. Gravity is important because without it we would float away! It is what keeps us on the earth.

How about air? You breathe it and your body needs it or you would die. It is very important. You cannot taste, see, hear, or feel it. The only time you can feel it is when something blows it on you, but if there is not that movement you do not feel it.

We all need air, gravity, and wind for us to survive. We have them all around us all the time, but we cannot see, hear, or touch them. Air, gravity, and wind exist even though we cannot see, hear, or touch them. God exists although we cannot see, hear, or touch Him. Gen. 1:1a says, In the beginning God… God has always existed and always will exist. He is what we call eternal. He has always been and will always be. That is hard to understand because we live in time. God does not live in time. He created time for us. He lives outside of time.

Faith in God can sometimes be difficult because you cannot see, hear, or touch Him. The Bible is God’s word and it says in Rom. 10:17 So then faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of God. Where do we get faith? We get it from God’s word. The more you read or hear God’s word, the more faith you receive. God gives us faith if we ask Him for it.

Why do we need faith? We need faith, which is trusting and believing in Jesus and what He did on the cross, for forgiveness of our sin. When we trust or have faith in Jesus, we can go to heaven someday. We also need faith to please God. Heb. 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. This verse says we please him by having faith in Him. We need faith. We need to believe that God is real.  He rewards children and adults who look to find Him. We find Him in His word, the Bible.

You may not be able to read all the words in the Bible. An adult or order child can help you. Listening to someone read to you out of the Bible, or listening to a Bible lesson, is the same as reading it.  You have been learning about God today just by listening to or reading this lesson. Good Job! You are on your way to growing your faith!

Every time I sit on that big black chair, I know it will hold me up. Sometimes I sit in a chair and I hold three of my grandchildren! You know what? The chair holds all four of us! Every second I take a breath I know I will breathe in air. Every day, every second, I know gravity will keep me on the earth. I don’t float all around the room. The wind is also there every moment, moving our weather every day.

Just like these things always happen without us seeing, hearing or touching them, we know they are there and they help us. That is the same with God. He is always there helping me. More importantly, God created and controls the gravity, wind, and the air we breathe. He is more powerful than anything! The Bible says, even the winds obey Him.

At the beginning of this lesson, I said faith is believing or trusting in something you might not see, hear, or touch. Do you believe gravity, wind and air exist? That is faith. You believe what you cannot see, hear, or touch. I have faith in God. He exists even though I have never seen or touched Him. He Loves me. He created me. He loves you. He created you to have faith in Him. Do you Have faith in God?

Memorize: Rom. 10:17 So then faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Verses in NKJ unless otherwise stated.

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