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Children's Chapter Books
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Uprooted Part 2

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Chase glanced around him—the coast was clear. He had been avoiding a bobcat all afternoon. This strange bobcat acted like he wanted to be Chase’s friend.

Chase didn’t want any new friends. He had left his only friends behind when his family had to move after the earthquake.

The way looked clear, so Chase scampered up the tree to his den in the hollow. Momma raccoon said, “There you are, I was worried about you. Hazel and Day came home a long time ago. You’ve been gone hours. Did you enjoy your hunt?”

“I didn’t get much. There was a bobcat bothering me. I spent the last hour trying to lose him.” answered Chase.

“Why did you want to lose him? Was he bothering or hurting you?”

“No. He said he wanted to be my friend. I don’t want him as a friend.”

“Chase, you know we aren’t going back to our old den. It’s been over a month. Your sisters have new friends and are enjoying their new home. You need to make new friends here. You will be miserable if you keep to yourself and mope around.”

Chase flopped down on his bed of leaves with a huge sigh.

Daddy came in right then. “Hey everyone, I have a visitor. Bronco, come on in!”

Chase glanced up and couldn’t believe his eyes! Standing there was the bobcat he thought he had outsmarted.

“Bronco, this is my family. Mrs. Raccoon, Day, Hazel, and I believe you know Chase.” said Daddy with pride.


Everyone acknowledged him except Chase. Chase buried his head in his arm and tail. Daddy frowned. “Chase, can I please see you outside?”

Chase reluctantly got up and followed his daddy outside.

“What is wrong with you? This young cat wants to be friends and you ignore him. That was rude. He is a nice kitten and I met his dad and he seems a good sort too. I want you to apologize to him and go for a walk with him and try to get to know him.”

Chase nodded. They went back in the den and Daddy said, “Bronco, Chase would like for you to go for a walk with him. He can show you around.”

Chase glanced at Daddy and then led Bronco down the tree.

He heard the bobcat following him, but didn’t look at him. They were halfway to the berry bush before Chase said, “I’m uh, sorry I acted like I did back there. I was just surprised you showed up.”

“That’s alright. Where are we going?”

“There is a bush that has a berries on it and I thought you might like to try some.”

The berries were delicious. Chase pointed over Bronco’s shoulder. “There is a stream behind those boulders where we can get a drink.”
Soon, the youngsters were splashing and playing in the water. That’s where Daddy found them. He joined in the fun until it was time for Bronco to go home.

“Maybe we will see you on the hunt tonight.” A smiling Chase told Bronco.

Back at the tree dwelling, Daddy said, “It looks like you had a good time with Bronco.”

Chase smiled and said, “Yeah, he’s fun to be around. He can jump higher than I can, so he is going to teach me. I will introduce him to raccoon things too.”

 “I’m proud of you for making a new friend. We can choose to be lonely and miserable or make friends in our new location. Now, if you could make friends with the owl in our tree, maybe he will drop us a fish occasionally or sing us a lullaby, now and then.”

“You’re on! But, I don’t think he will want to sing to us!” The family laughed at the picture that statement created.



Chase had a hard time adjusting to his new environment. He missed his friends. When he was forced to be around another animal, he made a good friend. Children, have you moved, or know of someone who has? Moving can be tough. It’s hard to live in a different community, city, state, or even country. The Lord knows how you feel. Unlike Chase, you can tell your feelings to the Lord. The Lord yearns for you to let Him help you. Your parent or guardian is also available for you to share your feelings. Remember to try to make the best of things and to be content wherever you live.


Please memorize this verse: Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

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Verses are in NKJV unless otherwise stated








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