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Children's Chapter Books
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The squirrel’s name is Barclay and he lives in the forest. Barclay is an astonishing squirrel. Most squirrels gather nuts in the fall and store them for the long winter. The squirrels hide them from other squirrels. Barclay gathers nuts too but much more than he needs.

Barclay lives in a comfortable den in a hole in the tree. The tree most likely had a branch that got injured and fell off. Where the branch had been, Barclay dug out the soft part and hollow it, making a cozy den.

Winters can be harsh in the woods. The wind howls and the snow flies. The animals hide in their dens from the weather.

One day, a break  came in the weather and Barclay ventured out. He ran to his closest neighbor. “Daisy are you home?”

A black nose poked out then a sweet smiling face. “Barclay, what are you doing out?”

“I came to check on you. How are you fairing? Warm enough? How is your stock of food holding out?”

“We’re warm enough, all snuggled up together.”

“Ha-ha! I guess so with five youngsters. I’ll be right back.”

He scampered away and Daisy went back to her brood. Soon, Barclay came back and entered the cramped space. Daisy looked up and cocked her head, raising one eyebrow.

Barclay spit out what he had been carrying in his cheeks. “This should help your supplies last.”

Before Daisy said anything, Barclay ran to the next den. He did this all day—bringing food to his neighbors. The squirrels were grateful for the provisions Barclay shared with them.

Every few weeks if the weather allowed, Barclay did his rounds to his friends with cheeks full of nuts. He remembered not to give them too much, so they would not count on him next winter. He wanted them to gather nuts and berries for themselves.

The days started to warm and the snow turned to rain. It was an unusual rainy season. The rain came down in sheets. Barclay could hardly see out through the rain.

He worried for his friends. After four solid days of a down pour, he raced to a friend whose den was underground.

Barclay knew where the den should be but it was covered with water! “Skitty, where are you? Skitty!”

Soaked to the skin and shivering, he ran around calling, “Skitty! Skitty!”

Barclay plodded through the mud. A few times he sunk into the muck. “Skitty!”

He searched at Skitty’s closes neighbors. Not one squirrel had seen or heard Skitty.

Downcast and fearful for his friend he left a message at all the squirrel’s dens. “If you see Skitty, tell him to come to my place.”

Barclay was so tired he could hardly keep walking. He finally arrived home. Leaning against his den was Skitty! “Skitty! Boy, am I glad to see you! Come in.”

Other than being shaken up a bit and soaked, Skitty was fine. He scarfed down the nuts Barclay gave him and fell into a deep sleep. Barclay watched him slumber until he too closed his eyes.

In the morning, Barclay woke as light filtered into his den. Skitty stirred, stretched and gave out a huge yawn. “Thanks for the food and sleep,” said Skitty, “I needed it.”

“You're welcome, my friend. I have plenty of room and food and would love some company. How about staying here until the ground dries and I’ll help you rebuild you home?”

“Thank you, you’re a generous friend. Your place is comfy. Barclay, you share food with us all. Are you sure you have enough?”

“I do. Maybe the weather will cooperate and we can start looking for a better place for your den. We could build one in a tree or if you still prefer the ground, I suggest digging up on higher ground.”

Skitty smiled. “That's a very good idea!”

Soon, the rain stopped pouring and the ground dried sufficiently.  The two squirreles selected a perfect setting for Skittly’s abode. The hill was not too steep and covered with trees and foliage. They took turns digging until there  was a large space to hold nuts and a comfortable place to sleep. Barclay went home and left Skitty to enjoy his new residence. Skitty appraised his home  with a smile and turned to look across the hill to a distinct tree where Barclay entered his own home. He sighed with contentment. “He is a great friend.”

Girls and Boys, Barclay lived his life as a good example of generosity. He worked hard to have extra food to share with his neighbors. He cared for his friend and helped him in his need. Barclay spent time and energy helping his friend build a new den.

Are you generous? Do you help out others? Look for ways you can be generous with those around you. Start with your family and move out to your friends by sharing your time and things. In this way you will bless others and be feel good all at the same time.

Memorize: Proverbs 11:25a The generous soul will be made rich…

1 Timothy 6:18 Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share.


Verses in NKJV unless otherwise stated

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