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  1. Testing to see if this reaches you = a great web-site - luv y Suzieq

  2. Thanks Sue. Cindy my daughter, is my blog manager she will love your comment!I like your "handle" Suzieq it's great! Luv

  3. Whew!!!!!!!!!! Great job for this ole lady huh! This modern technology is certainly testing my brain - now I can start reading your lessons - I forwarded this to my granddaughter for her kiddos - praying she will accept it and use it - may be a bit advanced for 3 - 0 yr olds (3 of them) but it won't go away - Love you and see you at Bible Study some day!!!!! Suzieq

    1. Sue, I hope your granddaughter will be able to use them but like you said the babies might not get much out of them but they can look at the pictures. :)Enjoy reading the stories. Hope to see you, Robin